Pearl Connection | Ft. Teo Brand

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You would have guessed by the title of this post that today I am featuring Teo brand and focusing on their pearl bracelet which I received recently.

Pearls are so pure thing and I completely connect with it. I don’t know how much you guys here is this post which might create an urge to go ahead and buy this beauty very soon.

Teo Brand is four years old now. Their jewellery designs have modern and traditional touch to it. It is unique in it’s own way. Let’s focus on this particular bracelet. If we see, it’s just a pearl bracelet but if closely observe then it’s more than just pearls. Look at the design of it. Two crossed layers of the pearls with two hangings from two sides and one from the middle. The touch of gold has given a fairy-like beauty to it. I love pearls and I have connected to this bracelet from the day I received it. The colour of pearls is so pretty. And, I must admit the quality of the bracelet will give tough competition in the market. 

This bracelet is modern with a traditional touch. I have tried to put across in a western outfit and a traditional outfit. Surprisingly, it went well with both. Below are the images.

Brand Teo has the beautiful and unique collection of jewelry like earrings,  bracelets, neck pieces, anklets and so on. To check get in touch with them here.

Photographer – Arkodeep Ray
To get in touch with him click to this Link
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